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Why 'Computers for Creativity'?

What is this site about & Why?

Why is the site called 'Computers for Creativity'

Try telling someone that your site is !

It is a much simpler name and captures what I want to show my students -that a computer is a creativity tool. I created the 'Computers for Creativity' site as a place to put up student work, and share my teaching experience with other educators. My first lessons were in digital art using Inkscape, SketchUp and Scratch and this name captured many of the amazing projects that students created.

Both computer programming and digital art allows students to use a computer to create their own content and express their creativity. It also makes learning math and technology relevant. My focus is on the elementary and middle school years, and in getting more girls interested in computing.

I develop all the curriculum for my programs and these programs :

  • Provide creative technology education in schools with a focus on computer science, art and creativity.

  • Explore the intersection of the worlds of programming, art and math. See more on this here

  • Use free and open source software whenever possible.

  • Teach students to to create games, interactive art, mathematical art, characters, 3D structures and more.

  • Help students learn to use computers to express their creativity.

I have been teaching coding for over so many years and hundreds of students ( few thousand...! ) have written their first few lines of code in my classes. Some of my lesson ideas are available in the Resources section of my site. If you use any of these lessons in your class, do send me email and let me know how it was received.