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Classes and Programs over the years

I have been teaching since 2005 formally in a classroom (though my mom will tell you that I have been a 'teacher' all my life - teaching anyone I could). Here are the classes I currently teach, and what I have taught over the past few years - in approximately reverse chrnological order.

Python based Computer Science Elective @ Los Altos School District (2014-present)

Class for grades 7 and 8 - includes lessons on Algorithms (search, bubble sort - creating flowcharts), Data (lessons on binary, RGB colors, ASCII, data analysis), Internet (IP address, DNS, TCP …), Impact of Computing (Self Driving cars, Computers @ Pixar …) and lots and lots of Python

Computer science integration specialist - STEM programs for K-8 @ Los Altos School District (2015-present)

  • Computer Science as part of the K-5 STEM program impacting all 7 elementary schools. Using Bee-Bots, Scratch Jr, Lego WeDo, Scratch, Makey-Makey, micro:bit and more. See more on the K-5 Computer Science programs

  • Integration into Science and Math programs for grades 6-8

Coding Apps Games & more - Los Altos School District (2018-present)

Elective for grades 7 and 8 teaches programming by creating art, animations, apps, games, and more (depending on student interest) using JavaScript, P5.js,, App lab, Game Lab, micro:bit

Computer Science program (CSTEM) for ALL 6th graders @ Los Altos School District (2011 - present)

This year long program gives each 6th grader a class that includes JavaScript/Processing.js, Scratch an Arduino. The program is called CSTEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects through the 3 C’s – Creativity, Collaboration and Computer Science. See more on the CSTEM program

Digital Design for grades 4-6 - district wide program @ Los Altos School District (2009 - 2011)

The Digital Design program for 4th, 5th and 6th graders at each of the 7 elementary schools combined technology and art and provided education in vector graphics (2D illustration using open source software Inkscape), 3D design (using Google SketchUp) and computer programming (using MIT's Scratch)

Visual Art for grades K-6 @ Almond Elementary (2005-2009, gap year 2006)

Visual art program that included watercolor, collage, acrylic, wire sculture, clay, and digital art. GATE program for Digital art and web design

Digital Art program for 4-5th graders @ Stevens Creek ELementary (2009-2011)

Vector graphics / illustrations using Inkscape, and art through programming

Coding afterschool program @Rocketship Sí Se Puede Academy (2009-2010)

Using Scratch to teach art, animations and games to 4th graders