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Creative Coding in Python

for code for the projects and how to use it in your classroom

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Why is this book unique. 

Teaches programming concepts and not just the Python language. 
So you can actually code on your own.

  1. Not a recipe book where you are following steps to make one or two big projects. Explains concepts, and one project in detail so you can write your own code

  2. Does not dumb it down, it goes further than most beginner books, explained using actual computer science vocabulary 

  3. Uses illustrations and simple metaphors to explain ideas

  4. It is a visual treat - characters, colors, gorgeous layouts - makes it the most fun you can have reading a coding book. 

  5. Creative approach - open ended projects that can be modified by the user to make it their own.

  6. Explained from an experienced CS teacher who has taught hundreds of students and teachers, so it is based on ideas that actually work. 

  7. Several 'Experiment and Extend' projects so you can reinforce your learning and strengthen your coding skills.