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What Does Computer Science Professional Development Look Like?
EdSurge, Nov 2018

CS For All Means Reaching Those Boys Who Do Not Code
EdSurge, Feb 2018

Why Computer Science Belongs in Every Science Teacher's Classroom

EdSurge, Nov 2017

Want to Break Stereotypes in STEM and Computing? Take a look at Computer History. 

EdSurge, April 2017 

K-8 CS Ideas. Discover the Power of Variables

The CSTA Voice, Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2017

Teaching Kids to Debug Code Independently

EdSurge ,Jan 2017

Moving from an 'Hour of Code' to Districtwide 'Computer Science for All'

EdSurge, Nov 2016

What's the Difference Between Coding and Computational Thinking?

EdSurge, Aug 2016

Computer Science Goes Beyond Coding

EdSurge, Dec 2015

How I use CSTA
Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, Jan 2016

Computer science in K-8 at the CSTA 2015 Annual conference

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, 

August 2015

What do students think about coding? 

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, 

July 2015

How to prepare educators to teach coding/CS

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, 

April 2015

Going beyond coding puzzles 

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, 

Feb 2015

Celebrating Grace Hopper's Legacy in the Computer Science Classroom 
EdSurge Dec 8, 2014

Inviting all "CS in K-8" Enthusiasts  Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Advocate Blog, Dec 2014

3 ways to get every student coding 
ISTE Explore, Nov 2014

Computer science returns to the limelight   
ISTE Blog,  July 2014

OPINION: We Need Coding in Schools, but Where are the Teachers?  EdSurge, Dec 2013

How One “Hour of Code” Can Launch an Entire Computer Science Program  KQED MindShift CS Edweek:  Dec 2013

Programming through Art and Math  Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) newsletter, Voice, Volume 9, Issue 3. Page 7, July 2013

When Every Sixth Grader Learns to Code  
EdSurge, May 8, 2013

Teaching Coding: Where Do You Start?  
EdSurge, Mar 13, 2013

Where does Tech ed belong in Edtech  
EdSurge, Feb 13, 2013

Building with Code  : Article on 6th graders programming using Processing on Khan Academy platform (Written for my pledge for CSEd week Dec 9-15, 2012  )

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Computer Science Education for All  Los Altos School District's Innovate,Create, Educate blog, Dec 2012

Save or Save As: Should Third Graders Know How Computers Work?  KQED MindShift, Dec 2012

Should Kids Learn to Code in Grade School  KQED MindShift, Sept 2012

Programming through Art: A Creative Way to Get Girls Interested in Computing.
Journal of Computing Teachers, Summer 2012 

My own PDF version  

What's Inside Your Computer? These 6th-Graders Can Tell you.   KQED MindShift, June 2012

Difficult but fun  Los Altos School District blog, April 2012

Fostering Creativity and Innovation through Technology.   ISTE's Learning & Leading with Technology, March/April 2012

Why Should Fifth Graders Learn to Program?   KQED MindShift, June 2011

Written about my work
by others

CS Educator Interview
Alfred Thompson's blog on Computer Science education, Nov 2017

Local Teachers Try their Hands at Coding and More

Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College Sept 2017

Local teachers attend coding bootcamp

Los Altos Town Crier, July 2017

"Coding for All": Is it a Smart Goal for Schools? 

Scientific American, August 2016

Google Sponsors New KCI Computer Science Program for Educators

Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College April 2016

New elective expands coding experience for junior high students
Los Altos Town Crier Mar 2016

An Interview with Sheena Vaidyanathan

Local schools promote coding during Computer Science Education week

Los Altos Town Crier, Dec 2015

LASD Computer Science Highlight

Los Altos Educational Foundation, Dec 2016

Tech Capital: Spotlight on Twelve Slilcon Valley Districts  

EdSurge Nov 19, 2014

Local sixth-graders learn to code and create computer games    

Los Altos Town Crier May 28, 2014

Robots in the Classroom: What Are They Good For?  

KQED Mindshift, May 2014

Will code for cookies: Volunteer network introduces youth to computer science  

Los Altos Town Crier , August 2013

The Impressive Results of All Los Altos 6th grade Coding  

BreakOut Mentors Blog, May 2013

Students in Los Altos Delight in Using Inkscape Drawing Program.  

PC World Feb 2011 (written by Phil Shapiro)

Some articles that mention my work/ opinions on computer science education (written by others)

EdSurge Nov 2016

Teaching Computational Thinking is the First Step to Bridging STEM Skills Gap

EdTech Nov 2016

Educators, Tech Industry Leaders Collaborate to Develop K-12 Computer Science Framework

EdSurge Oct 2016 Best Coding Toys for Kids  Mar 2016
Daily Dish: Computer Science and Digital Learning in High School, Dec 2015
Beyond the Classroom: A look at both sides of the coding curriculum debate Miami Herald, Sept 2015 

Computer Science teachers discuss schools' plans to offer CS to all students

Examiner Sept 2015

Some articles that mention my art-code ideas

Written by others

Geeks will love Vikram Chandra’s new book 'Geek Sublime’, SF Gate, Sept 2014

What is 'Art and technology'  San Francisco Arts Quarterly Print Issue 16, May,2014