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Coding / Programming

Scratch from MIT

A HUGE favorite with all my students and a big favorite with educators because of the large community support. There are many ways to use Scratch in schools and many free resources. This page has links to some of my own Scratch lessons and my favorite Scratch resources


Excellent language to learn in middle school. Used in my Computer Science elective for grades 7 and 8

Processing (using Khan Academy's CS platform) Processing is the perfect combinations of art and code. In my classes we use a Javascript implementation of this language using Khan Academy's FREE CS platform.

Here are some of my class demos and related examples


Physical computing with the open source Arduino is fun!

Some ideas on how to teach young students to build simple circuits on breadboards and program LEDs, buzzers and more using the Arduino IDE.


Used it with Python in my elective classes and using block based coding in 5th grade.

Also used in teacher professional development

Lego WeDo and Scratch

Bringing a lego project to life using Scratch code. Students love this!

Scratch and the Physical world

Other ways to connect Scratch to the Physical world : Makey-Makey, Pico boards, LEAP controller, and even Arduino

ScratchJr - yes you can start them before they can even read! A completely new design of Scratch for very little kids that works on tablets. The touchscreen generation can tap away and learn to be creative using code.

Starlogo Nova : the next step from Scratch to create your own 3D games and simulations. Notes to lessons, bugs, extension activities are included here.


The original way to get kids to program still works well. Here is a little about use in my class and some student samples.

Bee Bots

Programmable robot for young children. Used in K-5 classes at my school district.


Programmable robot with sensors and sub-procedures and online code display. Good tool for teaching programming and robotics


Inspired by Bee-Bot, this is my simple Scratch game to introduce programming concepts. Program Zycbot to get to his spaceship safely.

Coding - Curriculum

Some of my favorite lesson plans

Computer History related Lesson plans

These connect computer history/CS education week/Impact on society

Curriculum Resources

There is a lot of wonderful open curriculum resources - check some of these 

  1. MyCS Harvey Mudd

  2. CS Discoveries

  3. CS Principles

  4. Exploring CS Scratch curriculum

  5. CS Unplugged

  6. Scratch Creative Curriculum guide

  7. Computer Science Field Guide

  8. Stanford course materials

  9. Harvard CS 50

  10. UC Berkeley Beauty and Joy of Computing

Some other cool stuff - I have experimented with and Use Or hope to use more

The list is very long! There are so many exciting new tools. Here are a few:
Beetle Blocks Super cool Scratch / Snap based coding language to build 3D models.

P5.js : wonderful JavaScript library to teach art, animations and games- related to Processing on Khan Academy, but can get student projects out of the editor and onto a real website. : used in my classes - great way to create JavaScript games

Sonic Pi - create your own music with code

Twine - create interactive fiction. Take the ‘adventure stories’ that my students do to the next level, and add coding to a language arts class

Raspberry Pi Wonderful set of resources for all kinds of projects - it comes with Scratch, Python, Sonic Pi installed - also check out various extensions like the SenseHat and experiment with sensors and the pixel grid

Coding - Art-Math-connections


Coding Integration Lessons

Programming through art :

A set of my projects that can be done in order as a 6+ week class for any age level. Based on some of my most successful introductory lessons for all age levels.

Coding in Math Class

Any math class can add a little bit of coding by solving math problems using code. Here is a simple lesson plan with some of my starter Scratch projects. Each project has instructions and hints.

Art - Digital - Visual

Art - Digital art - 2D and 3D Design


About this free open source vector graphics tool

and lessons used in my classes

3D (SketchUp)

Easy free 3D tool, used in some of my lessons.

Art Resources

Some important art stuff you should know,

stuff I try to explain to my students

Art and Technology

Wy art and technology are connected, some interesting links

Online creativity tools

some browser based cool art related tools

What does Digital art teach you?

For parents to know what their student learned in my digital art class

Digital Art lessons

Some sample lessons used in my Digital Art program

Digital Art at home

How can you continue doing this at home. What I send to parents at the end of a semester of digital art.