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My Computer Sc 'Doodles'


Drawings to illustrate ideas in
Computer Science education

These are not meant to be finished art pieces - I call them my ‘doodles’ but they are used to illustrate ideas in my articles or conference presentations.
Here are a few - will look and find the rest at some point!


Computational thinking

This is a much debated term in computer science education. What does it really mean?

My doodle tries to explain this with some of the steps involved in being a computational thinker - can you formulate a problem so that it can be solved using computing? -
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Computer Science is more than coding

For many, they think all we really need to teach is coding when we say ‘Computer Science’. Computer Science is much larger - my doodle shows you only a few of the topics in computer science, with coding being one of them.

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Bring coding to ALL students

3 ways to make sure your programs are engaging for all students - creativity, integration and collaboration.

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