About Sheena Vaidyanathan 

I currently teach Computer Science as part of a weekly program to approximately 500 sixth graders in the Los Altos School District, in Los Altos, California. I also teach a Pre-Algebra class for 6th grade.  I am also involved with the STEM program in the district, developing a computational thinking program for K-5 in all the elementary schools in the Los Altos School district.

I have taught Computer Science, Digital Art and Visual Art in the Los Altos school district for 7 years. I am known as Mrs. V by my students.  

Prior to my teaching career, I worked for over 10 years in Silicon Valley in technology as a computer scientist and technology entrepreneur. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and a Certificate in Studio Art. See list of Articles/Publications on my work

About Computers for Creativity

I created the 'Computers for Creativity'  site as a place to put up student work, and share my teaching experience with other educators.

My personal mission is to get students to use computers as a creativity tool. Computer programming and digital art allows students to use a computer to create their own content and express their creativity. It also makes learning math and technology relevant. 

My focus is on the elementary and middle school years, and in getting more girls interested in computing. Besides the Los Altos school district, I have also done work in the Rocketship charter school in San Jose and the Steven Creek Elementary school in the Cupertino school district in California. I have recently published a few articles on my work, see here for a list.

I have developed the curriculum for all my programs and these programs 

My lesson plans have been well tested by hundreds of students and some of these lessons are available in the Resources section of my site. If you use them in your class, do send me email and let me know how it was received. I also have some digital art related content (Inkscape tutorials) on my old site  www.digitalartforall.com 
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