Student Feedback

Why do kids code? What do they like/dislike about the projects?
I get their feedback using anonymous surveys whenever I can make the time.

For one of the CSTEM showcases ( April 2013), I created a board that was made from pages that were signed from each of my classes. 
In addition, I printed out some of the comments from the student surveys. Here are my favorite ones....

I would tell someone that coding is type of art. There are no bounds to your creativity and you can create anything you want, it can be easy or hard. And the most important thing is to always have fun.


You should try coding! It's really fun, but I'm not promising that It's easy. Its really useful and it teaches you patience.


I really think coding is useful, and even fun. Coding uses all that I have learned in math, and applies it to the real world. Coding also teaches me that your first work isn't always the best.



Coding is difficult to understand but, it's really fun once you learn something new and you get to use it.

It is kind of hard, not very fun, but when it is working right it all pays off.


Coding is difficult. I think it is boring at first but once you start you don't want to stop. I takes a lot of work and pays off once you finish. You can make fun games.