Stevens Creek Elementary

Digital Art and Programming program


The program for fourth and fifth graders at Stevens Creek Elementary School

This program has been made possible by the use of FREE and open source software and by parent donations to the PTO.

Contact information

Questions? Comments? Contact the Digital Art instructor, Sheena Vaidyanathan. 
Email sheena (at) computersforcreativity (dot) com

Digital Art class for 4th graders

The Digital Art class teaches students to use computers for creativity. Students learn about the meaning of Digital Art and how computers can be used to create art. They learn the art elements of line, shape and color as well as computer concepts like RGB colors, file types, and exporting files. Students learn to use Inkscape, a vector drawing program to draw (illustrate) on the computer. Projects include the RGB color wheel,  fractals, creating imaginary creatures using editable lines, and drawing animals using shapes. Instead of just being consumers of digital media, students learn to be creators of original digital media.

Art through Programming class for 5th graders

The class teaches students to create art through computer programming. Students learn the elements of programming as they create mathematical patterns and animated cards.  Students will also be introduced to creating their own video games using programming.  They will learn to be creators and not just consumers of technology. 

Students will use a new computing platform called Tynker which is based on MIT's Scratch programming language. Tynker works in the browser, no download is needed.