Scratch 2.0 Accounts for  

Los Altos School District 6th graders

Scratch 2.0 has been created by the MIT Media lab especially for ages 8-16. It is a visual programming language to create stories, animations, art and games. It is FREE and available as an online tool and also as a download on both Macs and PCs. For more read

Scratch 2.0 accounts must be created for each student using a parent email address. 

The parent email address is used only in the case the student abuses the account in some way. 
All posts, comments, projects on Scratch are public so that any inappropriate content is immediately visible. 

To create a Scratch account for your child,

Go to and click on Join Scratch on the top right.

USERNAME:  Use a name that does not reveal the student's last name. It is recommended adding some digits or letters after the student's first name. It should not use the lastname so do not use the Google account username. 
Example of a username John12345

PASSWORD:  Ask your child to use the same password as their school Google email so they can remember it.

(You can send your child an email with the username and password (in case it is different) so that they do not forget it)

Students must not share their account with others and post following all school rules.