Processing and JavaScript project images (using Khan Academy CS platform)

These were built with code - see links to some of these programs below

Processing and Javascript projects - links to programs : check out the code!

Harry W, Covington
Mihir, Covington
Jamsheed, Covington
Ryan, Covington (see image below)
Adrienne, Almond
Dilip, Almond
Julia, Almond
Aditi, Almond
Jessica, Almond (see image below)
Nick, Almond
Richa, Almond (see image above)
Alger, Almond
Jerilyn, Almond
Sophia, Almond
McKenna, Almond
Hunter, Almond
Katie, Gardner Bullis
Hannah, Gardner Bullis
Henry, Gardner Bullis
Katherine, Gardner Bullis
Rachel, Loyola
Emma, Loyola
Annemarie, Loyola
Madison, Loyola
Zach, Oak
Amogh, Oak
Kenneth, Springer

More complex projects and games made on Processing & Javascript 

Kendall and Adam, Loyola

Selected Tynker projects from all schools (copied over to Mrs V's account ! )

Student selected projects done on Tynker - showcase by class


Computer motherboard 3D models using SketchUp  

by Katherine, Santa Rita

by Ryan, Santa Rita

Rushil, Loyola

Winn, Loyola

Maggie, Loyola

3D Room design projects using SketchUp

by Sophia, Almond

by Nikolas, Almond

Sample Scratch projects and games

Evan, Covington

Gregory, R