2013 Showcase and Coding Competition
April 26, 2013 Event

We had a fantastic turn out with 6th graders from all 7 schools showcasing their projects. 

Students from all grades, parents, siblings, teachers, principals, and LASD administration played games created by the 6th grade students in the CSTEM class as well as tried out the cool extras - Spider robots , Raspberry Pi, MakeyMakey and Lego WeDo.
See more photos below.
Thanks to all (see below) for making this event possible.

Over 100  students participated in the coding competition, submitting projects in one of the 3 categories - Art, Math&Science games, Other Games. Here are the results of the competition.

Category ART
  • Andrew D, Springer
Judge's Exemplary Achievement awards
  • Alger T, Almond
  • Sarah B, Covington
  • Jessica D, Loyola
  • Briza M, Santa Rita
Category Math&Science Games
  • Albert Z, Covington
  • Kaylyn H, Springer
  • Paige Z Springer
  • Oscar B, Springer
  • Andrew H, Springer
Judge's Exemplary Achievement awards
    • Belen de S, Almond
    • Rachel C, Almond
    • Sasha B, Almond
    • Jessica C, Almond
    • Koji Y, Santa Rita
    • Archangle K, Santa Rita
    • Francesca S, Covington
    • Ritika S, Covington
    • Angie W, Covington
    • Emma K, Covington
    • Mazal S, Gardner Bullis
    • Kei O, Oak
    • Trina C, Springer
    Category Other Games
    • Annemarie F, Loyola
    • Kae N, Loyola
    • Ashley K, Loyola
    • Kendall G, Loyola
    • Adam G, Loyola
    Judge's Exemplary Achievement awards
    • Alexandra H, Covington
    • Julie F, Covington
    • Amber F, Covington
    • Ryan L, Covington
    • Sarah H, Loyola
    • Calvin B, Oak

    More photos from the event 

    Thank you judges!
    • Joel Burget, Khan Academy
    • Shuchi Grover, Stanford University
    • Kelvin Elgan, Tynker

    Thank you Khan Academy and Tynker for sponsoring the prizes,
    and thank you parents and students for volunteering at the event

    Thank you Almond school for hosting!