Los Altos School District cSTEM    
2012 Student Showcase
Samples of work done by 6th graders in the year long 
 3D models of Computer motherboards 

Students studied a computer motherboard and created a 3D model using Google SketchUp. Students were encouraged to use their own interpretation and creativity in creating the 3D model; they did not have to make it look exactly like the original. They were asked to include some components discussed in class and could choose to add or ignore the other items in the motherboard. They could also use their own colors in the model.  The 3D models were exported as 2D images so they could be added to this site. Here are some samples. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Emily Almond  Emily, Almond 

Charlie Loyola Charlie, Loyola
Anna Oak Anna, Oak
Albert, Covington Albert, Covington
Elyse Elyse, Almond
Jack, Springer Jack, Springer

 Brian, Oak