Los Altos School District cSTEM    
2011-2012 Student Showcase
Samples of work done by 6th graders in the year long 
Student work is also available on each students's e-portfolio site created using Google Sites.


3D models of Computer motherboards 
Students studied a computer motherboard and created a 3D model using Google SketchUp.  
The 3D models were exported as 2D images

STEM Logo designed using vector graphics tool, Inkscape

Programming using Logo
Students used ACSLogo
 (a Logo version for the MAC)
to create art based projects. 
They used procedures to create more complex artwork.
Sample first LOGO program by Emily, Almond

Programming using Scratch. 
Creating abstract artwork by random motion
of user created sprites.
Sample program by Yvonne, Loyola

Math games
These games were built using Scratch, a computer programming language from MIT. Students learned programming and math while showcasing their creativity in designing the game. 

Science games and other games
Students were given a series of programming challenges that they worked on their own using Scratch. This included movement with arrow keys and a maze. They were surprised at their ability to problem solve and program these tasks with no outside help. Some classes converted these programming challenges into a simple Science themed game. 
Not all students were able to complete this project due to time constraints. 

Google Sites - e-Portfolios
Students used Google Sites to create an e-Portfolio to showcase their projects.
Individual student sites are accessible only with a LASD login.