Los Altos School District cSTEM    
2013 Competition & Showcase
                                                                        Project Details

Rules and how to submit at

  • All projects must be submitted online by Tuesday, April 16, 10pm.

  • Team projects are encouraged. Maximum team size = 4

  • Programming projects can be done using any of the following programming platforms. No other platforms can be used.
    • Processing/Javascript using the Khan Academy platform
    • Scratch 1.4 or Scratch 2.0 beta
    • Tynker

  • Programming projects must be in one of the following categories.

    • Art : Both static or interactive art, as well as art themed games, example a drawing app is part of this category. Examples: Turtle graphics, Interactive art/patterns done in Scratch, Tynker or Processing.  See examples here and here and here
    • Math and Science games : Games that teach or test Math or Science concepts. Example : Math game created in Tynker in class. See sample Math game here.
    • Other Games : Any other game that is not a Math or Science game, for example, the ‘Catch the fish’ game or the ‘Birthday Party’ game developed in class. See sample game here.