Rules for CSTEM classes

1. Check and follow instructions when you enter the class. Do not touch the computer if instructions are 'Do not login'
2. Sit in your assigned seat. Use your own computer and account.
3. Do not touch the computer during the discussion or demo portion of the class.
4. Do not modify the desktop in any way. Delete any files that you may have downloaded on the desktop.
5. Help your friend but only if you are asked. Help by using your words and not by taking over their keyboard or mouse.
6. If you have finished the assignment, help someone sitting near you or work on the extra assignments. 
                Do not disturb others who may be still working.
7. Do not use any programs or the any other web site unless you have requested permission.
        8.     Project content must be in compliance with all school policies and guidelines.
        9.     Projects must be in compliance with copyright rules for any artwork/ sound /code used in the project.
10. Exit all programs and logout at the end of each class. 
                Make sure you are ready to leave when the class is over or you will lose your work.  
                You cannot stay after your class time is over to save work.  
                Push in your chair and leave your workspace area clean. 

 EDMODO, Scratch and other online accounts
1. Use your account carefully and do not share passwords or accounts.
2. Use posts to discuss school-related content only.
3. Use a respectful tone of voice when posting.  All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply.
4. Use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.
5. Do NOT reveal any personal information. This includes photos, telephone numbers, addresses, emails, last names, etc.
6. All rules set in the 6th grade classroom for online accounts apply in CSTEM class.