Teaching and Curriculum development

This page contains information of all the school programs that I have
taught and developed over the last 12+  years.

2014- Present

Teaching and Curriculum development - Computer Science Elective - Python based

2016 -Present 

Co-teaching and Support - Computer Sc in Science integration

2011 - Present

Teaching year long computer science program called CSTEM for all 6th graders in the district (approx 540 students each year) .

This includes curriculum development and professional development.

CSTEM teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  

(STEM) subjects through the 3 C’s –

Creativity, Collaboration and Computer Science.


2013 - Present

Curriculum development and professional development

for the Computer Science Integration

Teaching and curriculum design
Los Altos School District Digital Design Program

The Digital Design program for 4th, 5th and 6th graders at  each of the 7 elementary schools combined technology and art and provided education in vector graphics (2D illustration using open source software Inkscape), 3D design (using Google SketchUp) and computer programming (using MIT's Scratch).

Teaching and curriculum design

Almond School Digital Art and Visual Art program
GATE program for Digital art and web design
Los Altos school district


Stevens Creek Elementary

Digital Art and Programming program

Teaching and curriculum development


4th grade - vector graphics / illustrations.

5th grade - art through computer programming

Rocketship Sí Se Puede Academy’s Scratch program - teaching and curriculum design

2009 -2010

After school program for 4th graders to teach coding using MIT's Scratch