Starlogo Nova - introduction, lesson ideas, common bugs etc.

Starlogo Nova website :


Engage students using the following

Video on Complex Systems:

Setting up Student Accounts

1.Go to

Click on Register 

2. Click on the My Profile to change username - click on Edit User Settings and select and change username to their first name . No Spaces or strange characters - just firstnameLastInitial suggested. Add a number if there are duplicates.

Scratch vs Starlogo Nova comparison


Starlogo Nova







Colored blocks sections

No colors in the block drawers - some new names. Logic - is the Control blocks.

Any Sprite can run code first

Concept of World so it creates the agents and runs setup code first.

Scratch Clones allow multiple sprites of the same kind but limited in number/ how fast this can work

Can have hundreds of agents  - designed to work with large numbers. More powerful.

Has no graphs

Has code blocks for graphs so can easily plot number of agents etc.

Use of  ‘sensing’ to detect collisions

Separate collision blocks

Use of variables to set Score etc.

Use data box, create widget and set/change

Use of variables to set Sprite properties

Use traits since each agent will have its own set of properties - instead of sharing a variable with other sprites. Like ‘Looks’ in Scratch.


Empty Socket message?

Why do you get this error

  • something does not fit  - see if the blocks are snapped in.

  • you left a block empty

  • you typed in a color instead of using the color block

All the code seems correct, not working - Refresh error.

Click on Profile to exit the project and then click and open the project again

Spaceland is gone -

Click on Reset camera

Buttons disappeared

Resize the browser window to see them. Not working on Safari?

Can not scroll down,

click on the top of the page in the section above the Space land and then scroll

Still can not see the Frog or flies

  • Did you use color block or just type in the color?

  • Did you scatter it inside the create do block 

Other things to watch out for

  • Change Username : No spaces in username.

  • Remember to Run Code each time you make changes

  • Scatter - make sure it is inside the Create do block

  • Color - never type in the color, use the block called color 

Reference of the different blocks etc

- Possible extensions in order of complexity

  1. Take Camera on Frog

  2. Add more frogs with different random colors

  3. Make flies of random size or colors

  4. Add key controls so frog moves to right and left based on right and left arrows

  5. Add code so frog grows in size

  6. Add code so Score of flies eaten updates

  7. Add code so get a message - No more flies when all flies are eaten

  8. Add a ‘random’ z amount,so flies fly at different heights

  9. Add code so frog will jump when you press the space key (so can eat flies at different levels)

  10. Add snakes that eat the frogs

  11. Add a graph so you can see the number of flies over time

- screenshots below of code from World, Frog, Flies