Math Game Project

Mission: Create a fun game in Math

Deadline: Project must be completed in 4 classes 


  • School appropriate images, language is important
  • Start with basic math - addition/subtraction and get the game working. Make math problem more difficult at a later stage.
  • Use ideas and code from any project - hint, you can use backpack to copy between projects.
  • Be creative!
Use Pair Programming
  • Driver : controls mouse & keyboard
  • Navigator: Checks instructions,  helps drive
  • Switch roles often.  Use only 1 computer



Step 1: Choose / Draw/ Edit / Customize

  • Background
  • character or characters

Step 2: Decide on goals/rewards

Examples - 

  • Reaching the planet
  • Escaping a shark
  • Getting to the end of the rainbow

Step 3: Decide on movement/ transitions to goal


  • Move
  • Glide
  • Speed
  • Rotations as it moves

Step 4 

Create a working game using just one simple fixed question. Use the blocks below