ISTE 2013 BYOD Presentation

Handouts during session : see attachments below as well as the resources section on this page.
Twitter handle for session:  #iste13code

Session covered the following 5 topics

1. About CSTEM, Los Altos School District's program that teaches every sixth grader to code
Los Altos School District in Los Altos, San Francisco Bay Area, California offers all 6th graders a weekly CSTEM program. CSTEM  teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects through the 3 C’s – CreativityCollaboration and Computer Science. Approximately 500 sixth graders across 7 schools attend the weekly program.
Extensive use of Edmodo in CSTEM to engage and assign work, post finished projects, comment on posts, ask questions after class, homework/quizzes, class discussions.

2. Introduction to programming through art and math - use of 'human' computer exercise.
Use of Processing.js on Khan Academy's CS platform. 

Discussion of Human computers.  Image link:

1. How old is this photo?

2. Where are the computers?

As 'human' computers, execute 3 line program in Processing, see worksheet attached

3. MIT's Scratch to create mathematical art. 

4. Most important take away from the session : Programming is fun, and a creative expression. All kids can learn. 
(Read some quotes from my students on coding at  )
One of my favorite quotes about kids programming is from Seymour Papert. 

Every normal child learns to talk.

Why then should a child not learn to

"talk" to a computer?'

-Seymour Papert

Inventor of the Logo programming language

on why children can learning programming in his book,

Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas.

5. My resources on the above

Interested in my 6+ week lesson plan for 'Programming through Art' using Scratch 2.0?  Please email me

Software/Device NOTES

You will need a computer with a browser that supports both Khan Academy's CS platform  as well as MIT's new Scratch 2.0 .  You can create a FREE account on both the sites so you can save your work.  To be able to work offline (OPTIONAL), you can download Scratch 1.4 from as well as Processing from

If you are not sure that your browser supports these sites, you can

- Go to  and try to change the text on the left side from Hello World to something else and see if it changes on the right side.

- Go to one of the starter projects on the MIT Scratch site and see if they play when you click on the Green flag, see

Sorry, iPads and other tablets will not work. 

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Jul 2, 2013, 11:34 PM
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Jul 2, 2013, 11:31 PM